Jennifer Beharrell

Support Care Worker

Jen - Support Care WorkerMy name is Jennifer,  I  am 40 years old and I have never been more grateful.  Addiction is not about alcohol and drugs. It is truly the absence of self.  It can be described as a hole in your soul. A lack of connection.   An inability to love oneself.  I can relate to these things so very well. I have been blessed to survive my own painful struggles.   Through compassion and understanding, my goal is to help you find your own Hope, Faith, and Courage that lies within you. You just may not know it yet. With love and understanding, I hope to help you peel back all the painful layers, heal that hole and learn to love oneself. We cannot keep what we have without giving it away. It is never too late to start over. Today can be the start of your new life. Like myself, you may be terrified and scared to make the change. “Nothing worth fighting for ever comes easy”. Let us be your sanctuary, guide you and show you the way.   I can guarantee you won’t regret it. God Bless.”

Olivia Dalton

Support Care Worker

Olivia Dalton

I went through the program at Come as You Are Women’s Treatment Centre after losing everything and feeling like a slave to drugs and alcohol. I know what it is like to feel hopeless and lost, and definitely scared. I can assure you this program is unlike any other. The program at Come as You Are will give you hope and the opportunity for an amazing future; just as it did with me.

No matter what, there is always hope, one step at a time and one day at a time. It’s not always going to be easy but it will be worth it. In my active addiction, I never would have imagined having the life I have today. My heart and soul are dedicated to giving women the tools to lead a life filled with empowerment, to live free from addiction, regain their life, and of course, love and laugh again.

Nicole Dehnke


Nicole - BookkeeperNicole brings with her a beautiful energy of fun, warmth, and love. She is equipped with multiple skills and abilities specifically her gift of bookkeeping. Her profession as a bookkeeper has spanned several years including working for a large incorporated company.

Nicole is dedicated and loyal; fitting right in with the team. She has a special spot in her heart to help those in need. Nicole has stated that “working at Come as You Are Women’s Treatment Centre is an honour and an absolute delight”.

Angelina robinson

Marketing and Social Media Specialist

Angelina RobinsonAngelina brings many wonderful attributes to our team. Her large personality shines love and beauty wherever she goes. She has worked in promotions and client engagement in a wide variety of businesses for over 25 years and is excited to bring her marketing gifts to Come as You Are. Angelina regularly participates in charity events, fulfilling her biggest passion in life, which she describes as “people helping people”. She is a true nature lover and when Angelina is not posting and tweeting on FB or Twitter (@CAYA_women) for Come as You Are Women’s Treatment Centre, she can often be found hiking or camping in her “happy place”.